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The field of personal fitness continues to grow in size and importance. Tens of thousands of options for equipment, apparel, services, and nutrition expand into hundreds of thousands of choices. Both beginners and dedicated athletes often find it hard to sort out what is best, reliable and economical in a crowded field. For those of us committed to helping others improve their personal fitness, that’s a problem. The last thing we want is for confusion over choices to become a hurdle to health. So, we’ve used our expertise to simplify matters. We make it easy to get started. We minimize your frustration. And at the same time, we can still support competitive athletes. How? With Shop LVAC.

Shop LVAC is the carefully curated collection and online marketplace that fits the needs of nearly everyone. Using our expertise in wellness and commitment to consumer value, we have assembled a select group of items – excellent products with reasonable pricing. Those just starting out and those wanting to take their fitness to an even higher level can rely on these choices.

Shop LVAC also is the logical of extension of three generations of a family business and an ongoing commitment to personal fitness. Not just as a healthy pursuit. But as basic human right. We all have the right to be healthy. And LVAC champions that idea through its cutting-edge fitness centers, and now through the introduction of its easy-to-use online marketplace, Shop LVAC.